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We aim to truly impress customers with our meals, and we will continue to venture into new business areas.


Our Japanese, Western cuisine, and bakery chefs possess a wealth of experience in hotels, restaurants, and traditional Japanese restaurants, and deliver high quality in-flight meals from menu development through to food production.


Aircraft LoadingAircraft Loading

Loading Operations
In-flight meals and service items are transported by food loader truck in line with the arrival of aircraft, and are loaded on board in a number of locations in consideration of the working efficiency of the cabin crew.
Loading operation control at airports throughout Japan
We control loading operations for in-flight meals and service items for all Japan domestic airports from our dispatch room at Haneda Airport.

Aircraft Loading

In-flight Service ItemsIn-flight Service Items

Storage and Management of In-flight Service Items
We manage inventory, setting, and shipment for over 4,000 in-flight service merchandise and sales items.
Duty-Free Service
Our duty-free service delivers complex, consistent services for in-flight merchandise and sales products, with some handled as international cargo.
Management of In-flight Service Items at Airports Across Japan
We control in-flight service item inventories at airports across Japan, and also create load setting standards.

In-flight Service Items

New Sales PlanNew Sales Plan

Providing Operations for Non-Japanese Airlines
We provide contracted services for the delivery and loading of in-flight meals and service items for non-Japanese airlines operating out of Haneda and Narita airports.
Development of New Businesses
We develop new products, such as frozen bread and freeze-dried food, and promote the commercialization of our business by taking advantage of our in-flight meal production expertise.

New Sales Plan

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