• A Passion for Onboard Meals

SpecialStriving for
Ever Higher Quality

Our world-class airline chefs Thanks to your valued patronage, ANA Catering
Service has earned a great reputation both in and outside Japan.
However, we won’t stop in our quest to make our food
even better.
Our goal is to delight you with our meals,
to make you happy,
and to make you want to fly with us again.
What are we doing to accomplish this goal?
We will continue trying to delight our customers.

ANA: The first airline in the world
to offer in-flight meals
featuring Japanese Kaiseki cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine has evolved as a light meal that
demonstrates omotenashi, or Japanese-style
hospitality, and ANA was the first airline
in the world to offer it on its flights.
Our chefs have a deep knowledge
of traditional Japanese restaurants, and use
complementary, seasonal ingredients to make their
in-flight meals a treat for all five senses.

The Connoisseurs

"The Connoisseurs" is a collaboration between
internationally renowned food and drink professionals
and the chefs at ANA Catering Service.
True masters in their respective fields, we work
together with these connoisseurs to continuously provide our customers with new, surprising products.


ChefOur Chefs

  • Makoto Shimizu

    Message Overcoming hardships to make customers happy-that's my reward
    There are various constraints placed upon in-flight meals, and I feel truly rewarded when I overcome these limitations to make our customers happy. Although we make large quantities of food at a time, our staff always work as if they were serving meals individually to each and every passenger.

    Western Cuisine ChefMakoto Shimizu

    Makoto Shimizu first worked at the Prince Hotel, and then served as executive chef of the restaurant and banquet rooms at the ANA Hotel and Crown Plaza Hotel. He joined ANA Catering Service in 2010, and is currently our Executive Western Cuisine Chef. With his experience working in hotels, he brings his own passion to the creation of new in-flight meals.

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