Company Information

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Built on a foundation of security and trust,
"the wings within ourselves"
help to fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.

Management Vision

Uniting the World in Wonder
ANA inspires our employees, customers, and society
to explore endless possibilities with diverse connections
that begin in the sky.

We also aim to truly impress customers with our meals,
and we will continue to venture into new business areas.
For Your Delight

ANA's Way

To live up to our motto of
"Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!",
we work with:

  1. ①Safety
    We always hold safety as our utmost priority,
    because it is the foundation of our business.
  2. ②Customer Orientation
    We create the highest possible value for
    our customers by viewing our actions from their perspective.
  3. ③Social Responsibility
    We are committed to contributing to a better,
    more sustaining society with honesty and integrity.
  4. ④Team Spirit
    We respect the diversity of our colleagues worldwide
    and come together as one team by engaging in direct,
    sincere and honest dialogue.
  5. ⑤Endeavor
    We endeavor to take on any challenge in the global market
    through bold initiative and innovative spirit.

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