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President and CEO Mikio Kawasaki President and CEO Mikio Kawasaki

Since its establishment, ANA Catering Service has provided high-quality in-flight meals at Haneda and Narita airports as the in-house caterer for ANA, an airline group with the goal of becoming the world leader in customer satisfaction and value creation. We respond to the increasingly diverse needs of the airline industry by taking advantage of our extensive experience and expertise, and have consequently gained a positive reputation amongst our customers and earned their trust.
In contrast, the environment surrounding the airline industry in Japan and abroad is constantly changing, and competition is intensifying. In such circumstances, we believe that we must enhance customer satisfaction by differentiating our in-flight meals-something which can be the most pleasurable part of flying-from other airlines. To do this, we must offer not only safety and peace of mind but also something that goes beyond mere satisfaction. Our management vision, For Your Delight, represents the attainment of all our employees sharing these same ideas and goals. Each employee must develop a global outlook and must make a dedicated effort to take on new business challenges, taking advantage of the great opportunities in a changing world and carrying out operations from the perspective of the customer.
Driven largely by the delight of our customers, we will undertake initiatives to expand into new, non-airline areas as a fundamental policy for the acceleration of the growth of our business, and we will fulfill our social responsibility through our corporate activities.

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